Market Research - Survey


For an embassy in Japan, Witan conducted a survey on acceptability of imported beef on the Japanese market. With the main purpose of increasing sales of imported beef, Witan assessed the current situation by looking into the acceptability of imported beef on the Japanese market; Identifying the target consumer group for imported beef; discerning the position of imported beef compared to other imported and local beef; and Identifying sources of information to promote imported beef on the Japanese market.

The survey was executed in 2 stages:

The first stage focused on the level of public acceptance and image of imported beef. An internet research was conducted targeting 30,000 people who had purchased beef in the last 3 months, and geographically spread over the whole country. Out of the 30,000 samples 2400 targets were selected to collate the report.

Based on this first broad survey, Witan conducted a more in depth round table discussion (focus group interviews) with selective target groups. Witan provided the embassy with a concise and clear summary of the survey results. Based on the results Witan was able to identify the points that were necessary to increase sales of imported beef in Japan; and worked out a PR strategy plan.